Caucus & Resolutions

The Republican Party of Dane County holds an Annual County Caucus every year, typically in February.  Anyone wishing to participate in the County Caucus must be a paid member of RPDC (member in good standing) 30 days prior to the Caucus.

The Resolutions proposed for this year at Caucus are still to be announced.  In addition to Resolutions, on odd-numbered years, we will be having elections for officers and Assembly District Chairs.  If you are interested in running for Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, or Secretary you must declare your intention 21 days prior to Caucus.  If there are not candidates declared, then nominations will be open from the floor for candidates.

Proposed Resolutions for Current Year
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Submitting Resolutions

One purpose of our annual Caucus is to adopt resolutions modifying the Platform and Resolutions of the Republican Party of Wisconsin and/or to adopt resolutions addressing issues not currently addressed in said resolutions.  Only Republican Party of Dane County members can submit resolutions to be considered at Caucus.  The process for submitting resolutions is below.

  • Resolutions must be submitted no later than three weeks prior to the Caucus and in electronic format to
  • Resolutions are limited to 200 words or less.  Resolutions will not be open for amendment during caucus.
  • Any proposed resolutions will be edited for clarity, checked for similarity to other standing resolutions by the Resolutions Committee (
  • Resolutions will be available for review on the Republican Party of Dane County website,, approximately one week prior to the Caucus.

The number of resolutions to be considered by Republican Party of Dane County members will be limited to fit the time allotted.

Passed Resolutions from Prior Years

The following Resolutions have been passed in the Republican Party of Dane County’s Annual Caucus.  Resolutions then proceed to the 2nd Congressional District Caucus and, if passed there, to the Republican Party of Wisconsin State Convention.

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